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In the digital age, the travel scene is dominated by white noise. However, Heavens Portfolio excels at ensuring our clients stand out from the crowd through effective collaborations and partnerships; delivering their brand, their messages, and their unique travel experiences to the right audience, every time. Tapping into our unparalleled network, which includes private clubs, premium credit cards, and leading luxury brands, we can craft an effective tailor-made marketing strategy that pairs our clients with the most influential audiences in the region.

Partnership with Key Organisations, Audiences

  • Private members clubs.
  • Corporates and their network, chambers of commerce.
  • Exclusive concierge services.

Networks & Relationships

Direct consumer database of over 10,000 names.

Marketing to Travel Partners, Consumers, and Media

Dedicated eDMs, targeted events & campaigns.

Event Sponsorships

Sponsorship of exclusive citywide events and charity balls.

High End Luxury Brand Collaborations

Partnerships with luxury brands to access their network of exclusive clientele.

Award Qualifications & Nominations

Recommending and nominating clients for relevant awards in our region.