Habitas Alula

Habitas AlUla

AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Welcome to the sustainable home of wonder in AlUla, an immersive experience where nature inspires creative expression, human connection and the pursuit of adventure.


Habitas Alula

The villas are sustainably designed to embrace the natural surroundings of the Ashar Valley. All of their villas offer scenic canyon views, private outdoor lounge decks, king-sized beds, indoor & outdoor showers, and scenic canyon views.


Habitas Alula


Tama, meaning ‘here and now’ in Aramaic, is where they come together and experience an immersive culinary journey through time. Their dishes infuse Global & Middle Eastern cuisine, using local, fresh ingredients and spices once traded along the incense route, bringing Saudi Arabia’s unique flavors to life.


The heart of the Habitas experience lies in the immersion into their world and the extraordinary places they call home. Alongside their private activities available for booking, they offer their guests a complimentary daily programming schedule centered around their six pillars: Art & Culture, Wellness, Adventure, Learning, Food & Beverage and Music.